The Asiatic Lion

The Asiatic Lion

Reuben David had also co-authored a book on The Asiatic Lion with retired chief conservator of forests government of Gujarat, M.A. Rashid. This book was published after his death by the department of Environment, Government of India in 1991.


My Father’s Zoo

My Fathers ZOoISBN-108129110776

daddyPublisher : Rupa Publications Pvt. Ltd.

In My Father’s Zoo – Esther David wrote MY FATHER’s ZOO in memory of her zoologist father Reuben David who made the zoo complex and  Kamla Nehru Zoological Gardens in Ahmedabad. A book for all ages, it is all about growing up in a zoo.

Book available at :

1. Order book from Rupa & Co. –

2. My Father’s Zoo was translated in Gujarati by Chirantana Bhatt as MARA DADDY NU ZOO by R.R.Sheth & co. Ahmedabad and is available at

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Proposed Book by Reuben David on Albino Birds, Animals and Reptiles

AlbinoReuben David’s interest in white and albino birds, animals and reptiles. About Albino birds and animals – the word albino is derived from the word ‘Albus’, meaning white. Albinism is the result of deficiency in pigmentation in skin, eyes, hairs and feathers. Albino specimens stand out because of their snow-white colour, pink nose, ruby-red eyes, pink tinge in the inside of the ears and light coloured hooves. Read More